Lego Carnival is a video released on June 30, 2013.

Description Edit

A lego man spends the day at a festival, playing games and seeing the sights. Let's hope that he's a real winner...

Plot Edit

lego man buys tickets to the carnival. He walks around and spots a bottle game. He waits in line until it is his turn. A lego man says that he likes the lego man (the one the camera is facing at) and he gives him three balls.

The lego man throws a ball, but he missed. He throws another, but he still misses it, then he throws the last one. A winning sound plays and the lego man asks if he win, but turns out that he's a loser, making him mad. The lego man sees several rides he wants to go on. He tries three of them, but all made him dizzy.

He enters a place called the freak show. He got surprised when he sees a mannequin of a woman with a beard. The lego man spots a door at the end of the freak show. When he opens it, he sees the view of the carnival, but people surround him. The lego man discovers that he is the loser. The same lego man from the bottle game laughs at the lego man (the one the camera is facing at). Other people laughed too.

Lego CharactersEdit

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