Lego Claw Machine is a video released on August 13, 2009.

Description Edit

A man has a hard time winning a prize at an arcade machine.

Plot Edit

lego man walks to an arcade house. He spots a claw machine, and he wants a yellow camera. He tries to get it, but he did not do it well. 

Another lego man gets a white hat from the claw machine. Then the lego man (the one the camera is facing at) goes back to the claw machine but he still did not get the camera. He tries again but nothing worked. Then the lego man knocks at the claw machine's window. He sees several people getting prizes from the claw machine. One of them gets a mask then he puts it on.

The lego man (the one the camera is facing at) gets more coins. He takes all of them to the claw machine and he finally gets the camera. When he tries to take a picture, the same lego man (who is wearing the mask) bumps onto him, causing the camera to fall out of the lego man's hand and break. Then the lego man (the one the camera is facing at) falls down on the floor.

Lego CharactersEdit

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