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This Lego Man is a character who appears in many lego stop motion videos.

Physical Appearance Edit

The lego man has brown hair, a white shirt with pockets and red pants.

The Lego Pizza Delivery Series Edit

Lego Pizza Delivery Edit

The lego man first appears inside a trash can, then he chases the pizza delivery man to get the pizza.

Lego Pizza Delivery 2Edit

The lego man sighs when all the people gets shocked because the pizza has mushrooms on it.

Lego Pizza Delivery 3Edit

The lego man sees the pizza on the road and says "Hey, pizza".

Lego Pizza Delivery 4Edit

The lego man is seen skateboarding while he is holding the pizza.

Lego Pizza Delivery 5Edit

The lego man is seen looking at the delivery man. The other people were doing it too.

Lego Pizza Delivery 6Edit

The lego man is seen sitting with the pizza on the table.

Lego Pizza Delivery 7Edit

The lego man is seen waiting for the light to turn green.

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