Lego Pizza Delivery (originally Lego Pizza Delivery 1) is the first episode of the lego pizza delivery series


Everyone likes a fresh hot pizza... maybe TOO many people do!


The video starts with the pizza being cooked.

The phone rings, and the chef answers the phone for delivery. A pizza delivery man gets the pizza and starts delivering it. As he starts to walk far, a lego man looks at the delivery man holding the pizza and starts following him. A lego woman looks at the pizza while being next to a telephone.

The delivery man starts to run and cross the street and the two people chase him. Then, a firefighter quits his job and joins the two people trying to get the pizza. The delivery man gets tired. When he looks left, he saw four people (including chewbacca from star wars), then he gets shocked and starts running away. More people starts to get the pizza.

The delivery man trips over and the pizza falls into the mud, making the people look disgusted. The camera pans up to another pizza delivery man which is white, then the people starts chasing him.

Lego CharactersEdit

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